Dominican Republic

City: La Romana

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The Mission International Rescue Charities School for Girls (MIR School) located in La Romana, Dominican Republic, has been inspiring girls to pursue STEM-robotics since 2018 when The Community Bots hosted its first training program there.

Remarkably, the MIR School expanded its robotics program during the pandemic. The local teachers implemented a CoderZ virtual program to help the MIR School team prepare for their first national FIRST LEGO League (FLL) competition in spring 2022. They won a top award at the competition featuring their research project! In their second FLL national competition the following year, they earned a top award for their robot design!

In July 2022, The Community Bots returned to the MIR School to provide updated equipment and host training programs for teachers and girls. We also invited local women in STEM guest speakers to talk to the girls about their education and careers.

The MIR School now provides in-school and after-school robotics at the elementary and middle school levels. The Community Bots supports an additional part-time robotics coach.


Monique Acevedo, General Director,

The MIR Foundation Schools, The Dominican Republic

“Robotics is so universal that we can say that it is included in all the teaching and students’ learning processes. We cannot say that it simply helps them develop technological thinking, but it helps them develop reversible thinking, intuitive thinking, curious thinking.  I believe that curiosity is one of the primary virtues of young people today. So I believe that within the curricular structure, subjects such as mathematics, language and communication, natural sciences and social sciences, have contributed to the extent that robotics falls into each of those subjects.

I do not think it is important – it is fundamental – as life moves forward and the world revolves around technology, and we need to overcome fears. And that’s what really makes us happy about The Community Bots, because they’re the ones that have allowed us to reach beyond where we could [alone] working with all these projects and with all these camps that have allowed – over the past 3 or 4 years – our group of girls to grow in an important way in terms of their interest in technology. “

Ana Karen Peralta, Former School Director,

The MIR Foundation Schools, The Dominican Republic


“Since the first day Jack and Ana approached us, we were very excited about the project. Our school’s mission has always been to provide opportunities to empower our girls by giving them equal access to quality education, especially in the STEM fields. For this reason, we didn’t hesitate to say YES to The Community Bots. The program began with the teachers´ training, which was absolutely wonderful because Ana and Jack modeled in a remarkable way how to teach robotics with energy, dynamism, and passion, which allowed our teachers, and then our students, to fall in love with the technology. The Fun with Robotics program for the girls exceeded all our expectations. Without a doubt, it broke down the gender barriers and fears that our students had about math and technology. The girls were so excited, motivated, happy, and proud of themselves for their achievements during the program. They were left with a strong desire to continue with robotics and the confidence to do so. What we liked the most was confirming that our girls have the capacity to design, construct, and program robots and to do so much more in the STEM robotics field. It is now our commitment to build upon the success of this summer and to offer this pedagogy and resources to more and more students in our school. Thankfully, The Community Bots has provided us with all the tools and equipment to do this.”

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