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Nicaragua 2021:

Thanks to your generous support, we were able to get back on the road this summer and do what we do best — provide training and equipment in STEM-robotics for girls and their teachers in underserved communities.

summer nica2021

Nicaragua 2020:

Read about our latest happenings! We are excited to share that our virtual robotics program is now up and running in Nicaragua, thanks to your ongoing support and our corporate sponsor, CoderZ.

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Spain 2019:

Partnering with the US Embassy Madrid, the Fundación Secretariado Gitano, and the mayor’s office, we trained 12 teachers for one week and then ran our six-day STEM-robotics program for 30 girls, many from the Gitano (Roma) community as well as six girls from Ceuta, the Spanish autonomous city on the north coast of Africa.

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NIcaragua 2019:

We were welcomed with a beautiful traditional dance performance, national TV coverage, and a ceremony to honor the students who completed a computer literacy course using the laptops we had arranged to be donated last year. After a rigorous teacher training, we began our student program at La Escuela Carlos Bravo.

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Jamaica 2019:

Powered by upcycled Equipment Donation that’s facilitated by the Community Bots team, we build the program with teachers and create a weeklong hands-on experience with the students while designing, building, programming robots, and exploring the lives of real role models women in the STEM field.

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