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The Community Bots was created because the founders, who are educators in New York City, understand the importance of learning STEM-robotics and the impact it has on the confidence, strength, and academic success of young women. They saw the important role that participation in STEM-robotics can have on girls during their impressionable elementary and middle school years. These years are often the most vulnerable for girls who can form negative stereotypes around gender.


As educators, they extended their passion in the field of science and technology to leading an after-school robotics program. As leaders in their field, they participated in the FIRST LEGO League (FLL) and RoboCup Junior national and international programs. With their unique perspective and hands-on experience as a guide, The Community Bots was born.

The organization fills a distinct need: we create sustainable training programs that can be measured and scaled to reach underserved girls and young women throughout the year around the world.


To date, we’ve served hundreds of students and built measurable teacher training programs that bring results. We’ve set up programs with administrators to integrate The Community Bots model into the curriculum. We have programs in the Dominican Republic. Jamaica, Nicaragua, and Spain.

How we do it:

It’s really one brick at a time. We’re systematic about the approach so that we can get results and have an impact on each group in a way that’s meaningful.  

We currently offer intensive teacher training followed by a weeklong, STEM-robotics course that is taught by the local teachers alongside The Community Bots educators. Our introductory Fun with Robotics course trains middle school girls in the fundamentals of robot design and programming using LEGO Mindstorms NXT and EV3 software and equipment. The course also exposes the girls to leading robotics companies and their innovative products and highlights women who have distinguished themselves in the STEM-robotics field.


Our Timeline

Key Events in our History

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Year 2014

  • Community Bots is founded by Jack Cooley and Ana Agón
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Year 2015

  • Drafted curriculum
  • Established relationship with New York Lawyers for the Public Interest
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Year 2016

  • Created fiscal sponsorship with East River CREW, Inc.
  • Piloted in-person program at the Good Shepherd School, NYC
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Year 2017

  • Completed first in-person international program at NicaPhoto, Nicaragua
  • Program at TYWLS of Queens
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Year 2018

  • Completed in-person program at TYWLS of Brooklyn
  • Completed in-person program at MIR School for Girls, Dominican Republic
  • Gained NYS incorporation
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Year 2019

  • Completed in-person program at Escuela Carlos Bravo, Nicaragua
  • Completed in-person program at Mandeville Primary School, Jamaica
  • Completed in-person program in La Línea de la Concepción, Spain
  • Gained 501(C) (3) status with the Internal Revenue Service
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Year 2020

  • Launched virtual STEM-robotics program with CoderZ with partner sites during COVID
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Year 2021

  • Completed joint in-person program at Escuela Carlos A. Bravo and Nicaphoto, Nicaragua
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Year 2022

  • Launched STEM-robotics Center at NicaPhoto, Nicaragua, with initial cohort of 4th and 5th-grade girls
  • Completed advanced in-person program at MIR School for Girls, Dominican Republic
  • Completed CoderZ online teacher training and LEGO Mindstorms EV3 program with Mandeville Primary School, Jamaica
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Year 2023

  • Added 3rd-grade cohort of girls to STEM-robotics center at NicaPhoto, Nicaragua
  • Completed online CoderZ teacher training with Institución Educativa Antonio Nariño in Cartagena, Colombia
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Year 2024

  • Completed online CoderZ teacher training with CREA, Nicaragua
  • Scheduled to complete in-person STEM-robotics program at CREA, Nicaragua and Institución Educativa Antonio Nariño, Colombia, during summer 2024
  • Scheduled to complete in-person advanced STEM-robotics program with Escuela Carlos A. Bravo and Nicaphoto, Nicaragua, during summer 2024
  • Scheduled to complete in-person STEM-robotics program at the Bronx Charter School for the Arts, New York City, during summer 2024
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Our Mission:

Provide training and equipment in STEM-robotics for young women and their teachers in underserved communities around the world, together with academic and social-emotional support, so that aspiring engineers can pursue higher education and a STEM career.

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