What We Believe

We believe that participation in STEM-robotics can greatly impact young women, especially during their impressionable elementary and secondary education. These years are often the most vulnerable for girls who can form negative stereotypes around gender roles in STEM fields without strong female role models and engaging hands-on experiences, which we provide.


Manage Negative Stereotypes: Girls and young women can form negative stereotypes about gender roles related to STEM education, which can ultimately lead to limited career opportunities in fast-growing STEM fields.


Provide Hands-on Experiences: Girls who participate in STEM clubs and activities outside of school are more likely to say they will pursue STEM subjects later in their education. In addition to increasing access to STEM and computer science clubs, we can build experiential learning.


Create Role Models: Girls and young women have a hard time picturing themselves in STEM roles. Seeing women who work in STEM helps remind girls they have a place in these fields.


Build Mentors: Girls who know a woman in a STEM profession are substantially more likely to feel empowered when they engage in STEM activities.