City: Central Mandeville

We brought our program to Jamaica during the summer of 2019 by partnering with the Mandeville Primary School, a public school serving 1,600 students and their families in Central Mandeville and the surrounding communities.  We focused our program on girls in 4th and 5th grades.

We arrived to Mandeville, Jamaica, with 20 laptops and over 7,000 pieces of robotics equipment. The days were filled with design and programming challenges, amazing presentations about Jamaican women in the STEM field. For the final robotics challenge, the girls competed in a fun SumoBot competition in front of the school community. During the final ceremony and on national TV, the principal, Mr. Salmon, pledged to dedicate a new room at the school for the robotics program!

We continue working closely with The Mandeville School and the implementation and extension of our robotics program. 


Howard Salmon, Principal, Mandeville Primary School, Jamaica

“I register my profound gratitude to the generosity of The Community Bots that bought robotics gear and computer equipment for our school; they exposed our stakeholders (parents, teachers, students) to an entire field of robotics that complemented our National Standards Curriculum – from building to programming – that was highly interactive and fun-filled to the students and teachers! The students were able to move through the program at their own pace, and so they were all challenged while having fun. It was also especially beneficial for them to see and interact with women in robotics. Jack and Vivienne were encouraging and excited about the work. They were helpful and supportive when students and teachers were stuck with a new concept. We now have the materials, skill set, and highly motivated students to build on the knowledge acquired with our own robotics program! We are so excited to continue this work for our girls! Thanks a million to The Community Bots whose program was great.”

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